Learn English at Home (LEAH) was established in 1982 to offer one-to-one English language tuition to residents of Kingston-upon-Thames and Richmond-upon-Thames who do not speak English as a first language.


LEAH recruits and trains volunteers to teach English on a one-to-one basis in a student's home. Volunteers help students develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. They also help students become more confident in their ability to communicate. Volunteers also offer practical assistance and support to their students, for example by assisting their student in making a doctor's appointment or helping them write a letter to their child's school.


LEAH provides tuition for people who cannot attend classes because:


▪ They have a young child/children at home

▪ There are cultural reasons for not attending classes.

▪ They have mobility or health problems preventing them from going out to a class.

▪ They are carers who cannot leave home because of their caring duties.

▪ Their language skills are too low.

▪ They feel socially isolated and lack confidence to go out alone.


Priority is given to people with very little or no spoken English.


LEAH helps students overcome isolation and become more confident in integrating into the wider local community. The weekly visits of the volunteer home tutor play a central role in this. LEAH also runs short courses for students in various locations in Kingston and Richmond. These offer students the chance to meet other people who are learning English, as well as helping them gain confidence in travelling independently around their local area. 


LEAH is contacted by various local agencies who feel that one of their clients would benefit from a home tutor.  All referrals are visited and assessed by a member of the LEAH staff.  When an appropriate tutor becomes available, they are introduced to their student. To find out more about referring a client to LEAH, please visit our Student Referrals page.


In addition to home tuition and short courses, LEAH also organises annual events and trips for volunteers, students and their families. These include the New Year Party, held annually in January, where LEAH students, volunteers, staff and Management Committee members come together to celebrate with food, gifts and entertainment. 


Our aim is to empower our students to take an active role in our community.


For further information, please read our Annual Report 2013



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