Darren Gingles and James Hildreth visit Leah's office

Darren Gingles and James Hildreth visit LEAH's Kate Brown to deliver stationery


An exciting delivery from Kingston Roundtable

Kingston Roundtablers Darren Gingles and James Hildreth visited the LEAH offices last month to deliver a donation from the Roundtable: a big batch of folders with the LEAH and Kingston Roundtable logos, as well as vocabulary books and pens.

All the stationery is for LEAH's client starter packs, enabling us to provide each of our new 1:1 clients with a set of paper, pen and other material to aid their learning.

The visit also gave a chance for Kate, LEAH's Director to thank the Roundtable for including us in the Carol Wagon last Christmas, and the generous cheque we received as a result in the spring.

She said: "We're really pleased to get to know the Roundtable, the group is doing great work to support their local community. Their contribution to unrestricted funds enables us to explore new and innovative ways of supporting our clients".

Darren and James learnt more about LEAH's work, and we learnt about their focus this year on recruitment of new members interested in getting together in the spirit of fellowship, social activity and making a difference to the Kingston Community.