LEAH tutor and experienced life coach Judith Jewell offered practical advice on how to call time on clutter at a bespoke event in Kingston on 12 September 2017. The De-Clutter Your Life workshop was the first of what trustees Helen Henn and Karen Steinnes hope will be a series of one-off events offered exclusively to LEAH tutors.

While the Tutor Walks programme is popular and will continue, Helen and Karen say they have initiated the Tutor Plus project because “We want to offer tutors an opportunity to learn something new as well as enjoy a fun, social get-together.”
Trustees know that tutors are the lifeblood of the organisation. “It’s a small way of trying to demonstrate how much we appreciate them,” says Karen.

Ideas Welcome

Helen and Karen have two events planned for 2018 but would welcome suggestions. Karen says, “We would love to hear from tutors who have ideas about what they would like us to organise. Likewise, if there are tutors who, like Judith, would be willing to share their talent and lead a workshop that would be brilliant.”

Please send your suggestions to Helen and Karen at