During 2017, LEAH is celebrating 35 years of providing free English language tuition.  Over this time, our amazing tutors have helped LEAH reach several thousand migrants and refugees across Kingston and Richmond.  Without them, this achievement would not have been possible.

LEAH receives grant-funding from Kingston council and charitable trusts but we rely on donations from local businesses and individuals to pay for our programmes.  You, our volunteers and supporters, have also been very generous over the years.  Thank you.
To mark this anniversary year, LEAH is launching the Freda Lambert Appeal to recognise trustee Freda Lambert,who has served on the LEAH Board for over 30 years.  Under Freda’s leadership,  LEAH has become a success story, gaining national recognition and we want to pay tribute to her contribution.
Donations to the Freda Lambert Appeal will go towards training volunteer tutors.  To complement our cadre of 100 tutors, we train 40 new volunteers annually.  We have plans to increase this by one-third to 60 each year by 2018/19 to keep pace with the demand for LEAH’s services.  Our initial investment in each tutor is £600, the cost of our training course.

We would be delighted to receive a donation which is easy to do at our Localgiving page.  Don't forget to increase your donation's value by selecting the Gift Aid option (if applicable to you).  On behalf of all of us at LEAH, thank you.

With best wishes