Love Kingston Day

LEAH students tell us what they love about Kingston 


Love Kingston Day 2018

Wednesday 14th February was Love Kingston Day: thank you to Love Kingston (a project of Kingston Voluntary Action) for using the day to raise funds for charities and community organisations in Kingston. To celebrate Love Kingston Day, we asked participants in our literacy and schools classes in Kingston to tell us what they love about Kingston, and they told us: shopping and coffee, the river, restaurants, the best education, Richmond Park, shopping, lots of historic places like Hampton Court, college, and shopping!

Our favourite quote was "I love Kingston because it's a beautiful city, have a kind people, nice weather, river side, shops, schools. I love everything about Kingston".

At LEAH we aim to empower people to become more active in their communities, and that means supporting them to learn about local services and heritage while they develop their language skills. We're really pleased that our clients love Kingston as much as we do!