As part of regular succession planning, LEAH has recently welcomed four new Trustees onto its Board: Madeleine Maguire, Richard Williams, Saurabh Kabre and Alison Musgrave. See here for further details.

We would like to say thank you to Joan McConn and Amira Medjedovic whose terms of office as Trustee come to an end this month. LEAH has benefited greatly from their loyal service to the organisation and their passion for the work we do.

Kingston Quality Award ceremony picture

Joan (pictured 3rd from right) has been closely involved in LEAH for many years, having been Deputy Chair in the past and having represented LEAH to many different audiences and built many fruitful partnerships. We are delighted that this isn’t goodbye as Joan will continue to be involved, particularly in LEAH’s fundraising and communications. Amira (pictured 1st left) whose journey from client to tutor to trustee has been an inspiration to many and whose ability to bring the valuable perspective of clients and tutors to the Board’s decision-making has been - and continues to be – a passionate ambassador for LEAH. We are delighted that she will continue to be involved in the development of LEAH’s programmes and in encouraging more clients and tutors to become involved in LEAH’s governance. Thank you, Joan and Amira.

This month we would also like to thank two other Board members, Isabelle McGrath and Selina Edis. Isabelle is continuing as a Trustee on the Board but has reached the end of her term of office as Deputy Chair so she will be handing over those responsibilities soon – thank you Isabelle for your wisdom, insight and leadership as Deputy Chair.

Picture of past treasurer Selina EdisSelina has recently handed over the Treasurer responsibilities to Madeleine Maguire after contributing many years of planning, financial management and risk management expertise. She has been instrumental in building the organisation’s financial visibility and reporting capabilities, and once Treasurer handover has been completed, in the autumn, Selina will be retiring from the Board. Thank you both for your loyal service in these positions.